Deodorant Diaper Pedal Bin 14L

Size : 300(L)x210(w)x470(h)mm

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High In Deodorizing: The body is made of a resin blended with a deodorant to suppress the stench of the pedal bin. And it has a lid inside and it can prevent used diapers to be seen by others. Shutting Tighty: It has effective double odor control and the lid has 3 packings at front and back for deodorizing. Deodorized Pocket: You can put a deodorizer which sold on the market in its inside pocket. As it has hocks for putting a plastic bag inside, it prevents your hands from getting dirty. Large Capacity: Capacity 14L. It can contain about 20 used sheets of baby's diaper while about 6 used sheets of adult's diaper. Slim Design: It has slim body, so you can put it everywhere. It is a pedal bin that is easy to handle kitchen waste and diapers. Size: 300(L)x210(w)x470(h)mm